Resources for Integrating Technology into the Science Classroom
Electronic Field Trip - Electronic Field Trips give students the opportunity to learn about a particular topic through national parks they may never get a chance to visit.
Global Warming Interactive - a web based multi-educational game which explores the relationship of global warming to economic, political and science policy decisions.
Myth Busters Clips - 7 Myth Busters clips for Science Teachers.
LogiCity - LogiCity is a fun interactive computer game with a difference. Aimed at young people under 25, it's a game set in a 3D virtual city with five main activities where players are set the task of reducing the carbon footprint of an average resident.
ElectroCity - ElectroCity is an online computer game that lets players manage their own virtual towns and cities. It's great fun to play and also teaches players all about energy, sustainability and environmental management.
History of Biology - An interactive, online science scavenger hunt where students experience the history of biology, through the people and the impact their discoveries had on, and continues to have on, our culture, society, politics, economics, and ethics.
Dynamic Periodic Table - Interactive Periodic Table.
Zoom - PBS Kids - Activities, Printables, and Games. You can also watch episodes of Zoom TV.
Science Online - Lesson Plans, Interactive Activities, and Links for Grades K-8.
Energy Quest - an award-winning energy education website.
Exploratorium - The museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception.
Explore the Blue - Resources for teaching your students about different aquatic plants and animals found in your region (Discovery Education).
Cells Alive - Cell Biology, Microbiology, Immunology, Microscopy, Cell Models, etc.
Interactive Science Websites - Includes Google Body Browser and National STEM Centre.