Interactive ActivitiesThe resources included on this page can be used in a variety of ways to make classroom activities more engaging.

Braineos - An online application that allows users to create flashcards. For studying purposes users can play games with their flashcards while the site also allows visitors to search for previously made flashcards. Another great benefit of this site is that it allows users to login using Google, Yahoo, etc.

Cramberry - An online application that helps users study using online flash cards. There is also a Cramberry app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Study Jams - With Study Jams you can find over 200 jams on topics like The Universe, listen to songs about Landforms, and test yourself/students on concepts like Range.

Symbaloo EDU - Symbaloo allows teachers to organize & share the best of the web with their students. Organize teaching resources all in one place, encourage student to student communications, promote innovation while maintaining simplicity in teaching.

Encyclopedia of Life: Learning + Education - EOL's gateway for educators, students and enthusiasts worldwide. Be sure to check out their podcasts section, which invites users to lend an ear and discover the wonders of nature. The BioBlitz section which provides users with a snapshot; a limited-time, limited-space species inventory of the organisms that live in an area is also a valuable tool.

Jeopardy Prezi - Change the topics and questions to fit the needs of your class.