Google DocsTips and Tutorials for using Google Docs in the classroom.

Google Docs YouTube Community - Video Tutorials for using Google Docs.

Getting Starting with Google Docs in the Classroom gives a general description of Google Docs, including a video while also discussing how to share with collaborators, synchronous and asynchronous editing, and revision history.

Google Docs Tip Sheet - A Google Docs resource guide for creating documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms.

Google Docs Blog - News and notes from the Google Docs and Sites teams.

Google Templates for Student Projects - Includes templates for a classroom job application, time line of a child's life, calender with moon phases, and several more. Most of them are intended for younger audiences, but if you scroll down to the bottom there are three templates for using Venn diagrams.

Sharing Google Docs - Tips & Tricks for sharing Google Docs like a PRO!

31 Interesting Ways to use Google Docs - Tips, tricks, and ideas for using Google Docs in the classroom.

Drag and Drops Images into Google Docs - Google has just added the ability to drag-and-drop images from the desktop into a Google Docs document.

I Didn't Know You Could Do That with Google Docs:

Google Docs Makes Life Easier - 41 New Ways Google Docs Make Your Life Easier!

Discover new features in Google Docs (includes some key information on revision history).

100 Google Docs Tips - 100 Great Google Docs Tips for Students & Educators (Keyboard shortcuts, collaboration, folders, organization, etc.).

Digital Flashcards with Google Spreadsheets - How to make digital flashcards with Google Docs Spreadsheets.

Using new visualizations to tell your story. Spreadsheet data can tell compelling stories when placed into charts and other visualizations. Google announced a new editor for charts, redesigned from the ground up as well as a set of new chart types. Check out our video to see these charts in action: