Elementary Science Resources
The Encyclopedia of Earth - An electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interactions with society. Includes educational resources.
Exploratorium - The museum of science, art, and human perception. Includes hands-on activities, online exhibits, articles, videos, and more.

The Lawrence Hall of Science Kid Site - In these interactives, use your hands, feet, eyes, ears, brain, imagination and cool tools to experiments, design, test and discover amazing things about the world around you.
Science Kids - Bringing science + technology together!
NASA Education - The Educators' section provides numerous activities, resources, information, videos, etc.
Science Fix - A collection of video demos from a middle school science class.
Discovery Education - Created by the Discovery Channel to engage students through dynamic curricular resources. Includes the Explore the Blue website.
Google Body - A detailed 3D model of the human body.
KinEtic City - The most amazing collection of science experiments, games, activities, challenges, and more!
ElectroCity - an online computer game that lets players manage their own virtual towns and cities.
LogiCity - A fun interactive computer game with a difference. Aimed at young people under 25, it's a game set in a 3D virtual city with five main activities where players are set the task of reducing the carbon footprint of an average resident.
Global Warming Interactive - An educational game that explores the relationship of global warming to economic, political and science policy decisions.
Science Online - Lesson Plans, Interactive Activities, Worksheets, and Links for Grades K-8.
50 Really Cool Online Tools for Science Teachers - These tools offer opportunities for learning about climate, cells, the human body, nature, and more.
LiveBinders - Collect your resources, organize them neatly and easily, present them with pride. Example: Elementary Science

Dogo News
Jing - Take a picture or make a short video of what you see on your computer monitor.